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What is The Cookbook Keeper?

The Cookbook Keeper is a place where you can always find inspiration for your everyday meals, dinner parties or just simple snacks. All the recipes you will find here are based on a healthy diet and they will most of the times be: vegetarian, wholegrain, with very little fat … and always damn right delicious.

Because most of the people believe that healthy cooking can get boring and repetitive, I wish to bring you the alternative of exploring cuisines from all around the world, which will transform your meals into unique foodie experiences.

Anyone can get a taste of South Asia, the Middle East or the heart of South America in their own kitchen, most of the times with no need for complicated or hard to find ingredients.

Besides a great wall of culinary inspiration, you can also expect to find here stories of regular people who want to share their love for food, culinary traditions from around the world and why not… tales of great dinners.



The person behind The Cookbook Keeper

Hello there!

My name is Madalina and I am the ‘keeper’ of an impressive collection of cookbooks which (detrimental to my wallet) I tend to grow every single time I travel.

Besides the fact that I own a great deal of cookbooks I am also extremely passionate about cooking, food tasting and recipe developing.

Although I have a great and loving husband, I am almost certain that I am in a relationship with my kitchen as well.

I am a sucker for foreign cuisines and I cheat on my favourite dishes every time I fall in love with a new recipe from a place I have travelled to or from a new cookbook I have acquired.

I love experimenting with food and recipes and I sometimes prepare the same dish ten times before I find the right balance of ingredients for my taste buds.

On an even more personal note…

I haven’t always been the healthy lifestyle oriented person I am today. Like many young adults, I have spent the first half of my twenties not particularly caring about what I eat or drink and with no concern regarding sports or any kind of physical activity. I also used to smoke cigarettes and occasionally drink one too many cocktails.

Since I have moved to Denmark (almost 5 years ago) I have slowly started to care more about my health, but also about a sustainable lifestyle which impacts this planet as little as possible. I have to admit that living responsibly towards the environment poses challenges every day, and it can even make you feel helpless or hypocritical at times. Nevertheless, I believe every effort is worth it.

To switch from a somewhat reckless way of procuring food to a thoughtful and non-wasteful one, has been neither easy nor fast. It took me about a year and a half to make a habit out of buying fresh produce only in the needed quantity; to carry my own textile bag every time I went to the store; and probably the most important of them all… to prioritize fruits and vegetables on my shopping list, while reducing to a minimum the meat intake.

I haven’t turned into a vegetarian up to this day and I am not really planning to either. Instead, I am what you could call “a weekday vegetarian” (although sometimes full weeks pass without any meat intake). I find it pretty easy to diversify my meals like this and I completely disagree with whoever says vegetarian cooking is dull. On the contrary! From my experience so far  fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains are way much more versatile than a piece of meat.

I am also irreparably damaged when it comes to cheese (this is the main reason why veganism is not on my list). I could probably live exclusively on cheese if I didn’t know better. But since this is not possible, I have decided to apply the moderation principle to my diet, which not only keeps me away from my doctor but also keeps my budget safe.

As you will go through my blog you will find out more about me and about what type of kitchen I run.

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