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Fresh fruit-oatmeal porridge


Oh man …it’s been some busy months since my last post. I’ve had a dear friend , who made the dramatic switch from Thailand to Denmark, move in with us for a while; we took in a second cat (this time a male kitten) and we suddenly realised we just got ourselves a “furry baby” ; we moved to a new place and we had to move everything in only two days …aaaand… among all this craziness, we also GOT MARRIED! Can you believe it? I sure don’t! … Continue Reading…

Poached egg with cocktail tomatoes and mozzarella salad



About a year ago I received as a gift a volume collection of Julia Child’s cooking book- “Mastering the art of French cooking”. When I started reading it, I realised how many things I was doing “wrong” (or in a less efficient way better said ) and made a pledge to myself to correct all these “mistakes”.

A year has passed and I must say I am pretty satisfied with the changes I’ve made in my “cooking habits”. I do find French cooking sometimes to be tedious and a bit too complicated but… it does have its charm (and not to mention incredible taste). One of the things which I always believed it is too complicated to make and that it is not worth the effort was: poached eggs. Why would anyone even try that as long as we have scrambled eggs? …you might say. Well, the texture is amazing and the taste as well! That is why! Continue Reading…