Jerusalem Artichoke Soup


Jerusalem artichoke soup

It’s October everyone! It’s the month of pumpkin pies and pumpkin rolls and pumpkin bread and … pumpkin everything basically. All I can see in supermarkets nowadays are only pumpkin themed foods and decorations (not to mention the pumpkins themselves). I sort of like all this “pumpkinforia” going around in October but I try to keep away from the overuse of this delicious fruit (yeah … it’s a giant fruit) as much as possible. I sort of ‘save myself’ for Halloween if one could say so . I love the holiday and I am actually pretty happy Denmark has slowly adopted it as its own.

Although a pumpkin related recipe is in the making and it will soon be up on the blog, today I want to direct your attention towards a ‘not so famous’ root vegetable that makes for an incredibly delicious soup: Jerusalem artichoke.

Jerusalem artichoke

Despite its name , this little potato shaped root has no relation either to artichoke nor Jerusalem. It is believed that it got its name after a  vast etymological mash-up from various names people have attributed to it along time. It resembles a ginger root on the outside, has the texture of a potato on the inside and tastes a bit like apples if you take a raw bite. Continue Reading…

Fresh fruit-oatmeal porridge


Oh man …it’s been some busy months since my last post. I’ve had a dear friend , who made the dramatic switch from Thailand to Denmark, move in with us for a while; we took in a second cat (this time a male kitten) and we suddenly realised we just got ourselves a “furry baby” ; we moved to a new place and we had to move everything in only two days …aaaand… among all this craziness, we also GOT MARRIED! Can you believe it? I sure don’t! … Continue Reading…

Indian Style Kale & Chickpeas




It’s been a long time since I last posted and I have to admit it was mostly due to lack of time. Whenever I sat down in front of the computer with the sole purpose of  selecting pictures and writing recipes I somehow managed to get caught into doing some other long-postponed chore. But now I am back, and I hope I will be posting at least twice a week (this is my new goal).

I have gathered a lot of great recipes during this time and I have also developed a bit of an obsession with Indian food.  The latter does not make my fiancée particularly happy because he is really not a fan of spicy food. Nevertheless, I have been experimenting with different dals and curries and at the same time, I have tried to find a way in keeping the (almost) original taste while reducing the spiciness.





Probably my greatest success so far in combining my favourite ingredients with Indian spices has been this kale and chickpeas dish. I have served it to at least ten of my friends so far and they have all declared themselves more than satisfied. And because many of them have asked me for the recipe I decided this should definitely be “the comeback” dish. (By the way … even my fiancée loves it, therefore there is no danger for the ones who do not tolerate spicy food.) Continue Reading…